Who & Why at Kangaroo Safari

Australia & sports share a very healthy relation, with the country maintaining a strong position in numerous sports & also offering lovely stadiums for various games. I will talk about 2 major sporting events which are ongoing or about to commence in this kangaroo land soon.

Who ?

Who will be the champion at the Australian Open ? The Djoker had a marvelous first 8-9 months in 2011, but somehow lost the way towards the end. The Spaniard no doubt has immense talent & potential but seems to be losing out to constant injuries. Fedex has shown that Kings can return when they are not expected to.  Some young guns have done enough in recent past to get noticed. It is perhaps for the first time in quite sometime now that tennis fans can actually bet on someone apart from top 3 to make a cut & make a mark at the first Grand Slam of the year. On the other side, the story remains more or less the same in women’s arena: Top seed yet to win a Grand Slam, matches not witnessing as much energy & determination as that seen in men’s matches, with no player really dominating the scene for quite some time now. Hopefully we will see some great action on the court during women tennis matches this tournament.

Why ?

Why has the Indian team gone down there? To enable people to express their hidden creativity &  give way to countless satirical responses on internet ? It would have been for them had they been doing modelling in India rather than going out there and getting thrashed in the current series.To make matters worse, the players have indulged in not very acceptable gestures towards the crowd. Remember the old saying guys, When you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you !!!  Hopefully, the team will fare better in the long tri-series scheduled to start soon after the test series.

One common thing between the above 2 scenarios is that fans hope for a fight from those who are not champions in the current situation. One gets the feeling ( inspired by Ravi Shastri’s commentary !) that Indian team is not playing upto their potential. Winning or losing is a part of the game, but at least we expect the World Cup winners to put in a fight. Similar is the case for lesser ranked players in tennis. Do not get intimated by big names..Put in a challenge. results will follow sooner or later.

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