Kolaveri Unjustified ?

The newspapers are always full of news on protests, criticism, opposition to various events. But sometimes, this ‘Kolaveri’ seems quite unjustified and even unnecessary given various other surrounding current events as well as those in the past.

Down with Don Dow

Improving India’s performance in the next Olympics should be our main goal. Yet, we are busy in opposing the sponsorship of a company, who bought another company responsible for a very tragic event more than 25 years back. This is happening at a time when the gas tragedy victims are yet to receive reasonable compensation & the then guilty are not yet punished. Not receiving justice must be definitely hurting the victims more than seeing Union Carbide’s acquirer sponsoring Olympics. The government must first ensure compensation for the victims and then seek to oppose the sponsorship. Unfortunately, with our corruption levels scaling the height of Himalayas, that is too much of an ask from the Government.

Red in Pink city

I feel the biggest winner at the Jaipur Literary Fest was the author who was ‘advised’ not to be a part of it ! I was amused on seeing pictures & videos of people not having a clue of who the concerned author is or what his works are about, holding placards protesting and shouting slogans against him. Various groups officially or unofficially affiliated to various political parties would do India a lot of good if they showed this ‘kolaveri’ against issues such as corruption,inflation, poverty, etc rather than that due to hurting of ‘religious sentiments’ due to attendance of someone at a literary fest.

Just leave them alone

Yet another overseas series, yet another debacle.. I am sometimes amused when I read about the fans’ kolaveri against the pathetic performance. We need to understand that the gentleman’s game is no longer by the gentle. Just enjoy the game, as you enjoy other reality shows and serials. There is really no need to get angry after seeing non performing ‘ renowned ‘ guys getting repeatedly picked up ahead of fresh talent. It is just a ‘part of the game’ . One emerging ( & perhaps for the good ) trend is that instead of the kolaveri, people have started expressing their creativity online through countless faking sarcastic stories.

Constructive, justified and meaningful criticism is vital, but just opposing or crticising something for the sake of it makes no sense and sometimes indirectly helps in publicity of the concerned. We should also learn not to indulge too much into criticism and kolaveri on some issue which has got absolutely no impact on our personal & professional lives. The politicians, on their part need to get their priorities right and start working on meaningful issues rather than wasting resources by displaying kolaveri against issues not of national importance.

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