Elections & You: Part 1

Someone has very rightly said, “India is perennially into election mode”. Election campaigning is UP in full swing in one of India’s most populous states , while results have just been declared in another. Elections at various levels do mean & signify many things in our country.

On one hand..

A Reminder

Your 1 vote may or may not mean much in the larger context, your corporater/MLA/ MP may or may not fulfill any of the promises he or she made during poll campaigning.Yet , elections serve a reminder to us that we live in a democracy, where we atleast have a right  to vote for any of the candidates without any fear. Not many countries can boast of this ‘openness’,  especially the ones located near our country, considering the recent political news pouring in from these countries.

Good Management

The election commission has always done a  fairly good job managing huge elections occurring at a very high frequency , handling voting at numerous locations. Credit also needs to be given to our police for ensuring peaceful voting & taking care of any unforeseen events. This is actually better than some other developed countries, with a relatively small voting population & where elections is not a very frequent event like in India.

On the other hand..

Just another holiday

Declaration of a holiday last week was a pleasant surprise in Maharashtra. The only sad part was it didnot fall on a Friday or a Monday ! The poor voting percentage is a culmination of the general lack of enthusiasm, interest, apathy among the middle & upper class. The belief and perception that nothing much better will happen with or without voting did not help matters also.

You really cannot blame the lack of good infrastructure / governance if you donot care who is voted to the power. I always feel people should change- They should go to vote, just for a change , if not to change your city. There have been quite a few independent “citizen” candidates who have made a mark in the recently held Municipality elections. Vote for them if you feel they can bring about some positive change, perhaps better than those belonging to big political parties. At best , one can use the not so well known right of not selecting any candidate & registering a No-Vote. One must do what one thinks is right, but needs to vote.Remember our civics class: Voting is a duty as well as a right. Go exercise it. Dressing up, going to the voting station, standing in the queue for sometime & casting your vote is not too much of a strenuous activity, also considering that elections for any one region occur only once in five years.

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