At least spare this one

In India, we have become quite used to witnessing quite a few amusing things from Government and its various agencies. Our reactions to such events have ranged from surprise to shock to frustration and even to indifference, owing to their frequent occurrences. However seeing a couple of events in the past few weeks makes one feel that at least these should have been handled better or wrong happenings related to them should have been avoided, owing to their criticality.

Defence Tamasha

India cannot defend well. No, I am not talking about cricket. It is about our country as a whole. Murphy’s Law has prevailed in this case: The Army chief trying to imitate Shahid Afridi by hiding his real age, Army trucks in Tat(ra)ers, letter leaks, unplanned, unnoticed army movements though not so uncommon in some of our hostile neighbors but definitely worth a news in India, State government bowing to the eternal Maoists, etc etc. My question to the government is, Isn’t corruption in telecom, CWG, coal mining, constructions enough that you also need to include defence in your ever growing checklist of corruption? With not so friendly neighbors, such news of our defense preparedness or in fact lack of it, leaves many a questions in the minds of crores of ordinary Indians. Are we really safe in our country? What really is our military strength in the face of ever growing internal & external aggression ? These questions will perhaps never be answered, least by our ever-silent PM.

Leaks everywhere

Leaks are not just restricted to Government. They are quite a frequent visitors when it comes to state level exams. After all the drama surrounding non-availability of hall tickets, change of exam centres at the 11th hour, the latest in the spectacular series of goof-ups in the Maharashtra B.Com exams was a paper leak. This has led to the state announcing re-examination of that subject and all students’ plans post original exam schedule have gone for a toss. The exam centre in question has come up with a quite fnny explanation-Wrong subject papers got distributed by mistake. Wow ! Please spare a thought to the thousands of students who will be affected by your ‘mistake’. The next mistake in line, without any doubt will be the chaos surrounding admissions once results are out, assuming without any exceptional delay. The fact that those in-charge of education in India are most insensitive to the efforts put in by students is known since ages. But one does feel that at least such issues can be avoided easily with better vigilance and control. No real need to further rot the already rotten educational system.

Strike when iron is hot

Strikes,bans,protests against all sorts of issues are a favourite passtime of many in our country. The fact that public life gets affected in such strikes due to difference of opinions between a selected few is not of anyone’s concern. Strikes by airline staff due to nonpayment of salaries, by Mumbai auto rickshaws over the e-meter farce, by jewelers over hike in service tax & leading to 14000 crore loss to the nation, could have been avoided had a little sense prevailed in the minds of those incharge. The problems mentioned above well either well known to them or could have been anticipated before the actual strikes & could have been dealt with better. But, it seems the only way to get heard these days is either to go on a strike, without really bothering about the thousands of innocents who have absolutely nothing to do with either of the parties.

Some things or events are bound to happen and their occurrence may or may not be controlled. But there are quite a few of them , which are so critical that if they are avoided or handled better by those responsible for them can go a long way in smoothing out the flow of things and reducing the damage done.

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