Unfortunately no real change

Someone has said that only thing that is permanent is change. Don’t deny that, but going by some of the recent events, one gets the feeling that only notional changes are in no way better than no change. It hurts when the change expected to bring in some real benefits turns out to be a mere superficial alteration in the scheme of things.

Guns & Cartoons

34 year old Left government in West Bengal left our Bengal friends with no hop for the right things. They did what they can do, voted for the seemingly right party and left the left to bite the dust. All seemed well, momentarily. But the new government had some other plans, unfortunately. Seems that astonishing number of infant deaths or rejecting the progressive budget for the betterment of the tattered Railways was not enough. The leader has now opposed one of the most fundamental rights granted by our Constitution—freedom of Speech. It is even more unfortunate or in fact ironical that the incident occurred on the 125th birth anniversary of the Lion of our Constitution. The state lagging behind others in pace of development for decades has seemingly not benefitted from this ‘notional change of government’

Another state gave Thumbs UP to the new young leader and replaced the government famous for doing nothing but constructing statues and parks. Within a few days (or hours I must say), the new government showed its true, old colors. 2G came out: Guns & Goondagiri (No, Not the 2G spectrum thing. That seems to be a thing of past now). The situation in the southernmost state is also not very different post the change in government. So one can safely conclude that such notional changes in government don’t really bring in some real change for the betterment. All that one can take pride or hope in is that the current government may be marginally better and/or marginally less corrupt and inefficient than the previous one.

My name is Khan

I am not amongst the greatest fans of SRK. But the recent turn of events need to be looked at with some seriousness. I have heard that detention is not uncommon at US airports. It gets attention when the ‘object’ is a celebrity. Uncle Sam and his government have on numerous occasions assured that unfair detention and in general attitude towards ‘particular’ people will not be accepted by the government. Yet, nothing seems to have changed. We need to understand the reason behind it? Is it because of a specific region/religion/colour? If it is for point no.1, then it is our country specific problem. If 2 then, it is a region specific region. If it is point no3, then GOD save the world! Apparently there is no real change in perception towards our country or region, even after making so much progress in the last few decades. We may be still arguably considered a Third World Nation.

Gender bias

Free education till 12th, scholarships, shutting down illegal sonography centres, etc has all been introduced. Still, recent deaths of 2 girl child reveal the Real Dirty Picture existing in our country. Apparently the steps taken by the government have not yet yielded the results one expected for. There doesn’t seem to be any real change in the mindset of the thousands of Indians, who still consider the girl child as unfortunate.

We all have learnt in economics that real income is what matters, not the nominal one. Same is the case with change. Number of Notional changes happen in our country and to top it all they are dramatized and marketed as if they are all set to change the outlook of our country. What we really need are those real changes, not necessarily big, which might actually bring about some positive developments in our nation.

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1 Response to Unfortunately no real change

  1. Guns and Cartoons:
    When people vote, they vote for government. When they vote for government, they get government, which is intrinsically anathema to human beings.
    The United States has become a prison. Unlike most wardens, Uncle Sam does not want people breaking INTO the prison.
    Gender Bias:
    Verification that we should not look to people with guns as having the solution to our problems.

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