What is the achievement ?

In my last post, I talked about a few superficial changes, which really haven’t brought any significant alteration of situation in our country or perception about us in the minds of foreigners. Taking this forward, I wish to write on a few hyped activities, whose actual end result is far off what they aimed at achieving.

Really Dirty ??

Film broadcasting guardians recently stopped the broadcast of a ‘Dirty‘ film , which was promised to be made less dirty by the broadcaster. The reason: Children should not watch dirty films with dirty dialogues before 11pm. Dear Guardian, please understand the life-cycle of ‘children’ of today.The percentage of kids sleeping before 11 pm has gone down significantly , but our guardians still consider statistics done decades back. Moreover, it is incorrect to think that in today’s online digital media and easy access to it, television is the only medium to access such films. Most of the children must have already watched the film before the ban on TV. What we really need is a well defined set of guidelines for various films , through close working among the film industry, the I&B ministry, TV channels, censor board & the courts. This must consider the changing lifestyles and the ease of access to digital content in modern times.

The truth..OK.. So what next ??

The show was launched with much fanfare which marked the entry of Mr. perfect on the small screen. Issues discussed , are no doubt real and grave. But, the problem is that these problems and the accompanying statistics are already well known to us. Yet they persist. This show might remain just yet another means of highlighting them. An average viewer might discuss it for some time after the episode and forget about it. It would have been great if the superstar did field work, actually met and discussed the issues with the government officials, politicians, led demonstrations and actually make an attempt to bring about a change. With the current format, the show may unfortunately just remain one amongst those hosted in studios and aimed at only increasing TRP ratings of the channel.

Why try to prove yourself again & again ?

This is a question which even die-hard Dada fans might be asking him. What did he achieve by playing in the IPL & that too from a city diametrically opposite to his hometown. Now, with the team performing way too badly, he has decided to rest himself from the remaining season and this might mark the end of his IPL journey as a cricketer. His countless fans would have preferred had he not ‘tried to achieve something’ which was really not required, given his fantastic achievements while playing for India.

The end result or achievement should be kept in mind and planning should be made accordingly , to achieve them. Things or events should not be initiated if the end result is not achievable. Else, they might look silly , considering the difference between the intended result and the actual one achieved.

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