Shall we tell the President

Politics never ceases to make news, does it ? The latest in the series are elections for the First Citizen of the country & for the First time we are hearing so much noise and fuss from all sorts of parties. Every party has nominated itself in naming the next President of the country. Lets see who might emerge victorious and who gets vanquished in this Great Indian Tamasha.

Veto Power

She is like United States of India. No matter how much other smaller players make noise, it seems nothing can proceed without her signature on the dotted line. With her choice already in the PM’s seat, getting to choose her candidate for president’s post is yet another feather in her cap. By getting a strong, popular minister ‘promoted’ to a perpetual silent post of the President, she might now have better control over her government & thus might have just killed 2 birds with 1 stone. The PM  will now have good company of his old friend in his ‘Keep Silence’ classes.

Sitting on the fence

In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies. It was amply displayed by the regional parties in UP. Probably, they  have a lucky draw box ready by their side and pick up a new chit from the box everyday while announcing their candidate for the Prez post. There are no free gifts in politics. They must definitely be promised something ‘big’ in return from the centre for supporting Her Majesty’s candidate.

Flash in the pan

The Bengal Tigress seems like a newbie IPL player; making waves for a short time & then settling back to a more normal, subdued level. This was the fate of the Left last time. In every tenure of the UPA government, the capital gets shifted temporarily from Delhi to Kolkata , again to be returned to Delhi sooner or later. The Tigress has herself done a lot of bad to herself, with all sorts of ridiculous decisions in the last year as the CM. Realizing that she is not getting as much bhav as she always hopes for, she might fall in line this time, just like her other once day long friends from UP have done.

House in disarray

Our first PM had once said that organisations fall not because of the might of enemy but because of factions within. It is very much true of the main opposition party of India. Infact    UPA’s allies are nowadays proving to be better opposition parties to the government than NDA itself! While NDA continues to struggle to keep its house in order, it seems to have no time in discussing its next move in announcing its candidate for the Prez post. It may decide to throw up some random names, anyway unlikely to make it to the post & then eventually agree to the nominee of the UPA. The biggest beneficiary of the weak NDA has been the UPA as its own countless inefficiencies always get masked by the fact that it remains a relatively better national party, much better than the directionless NDA or the countless regional parties.

Everyone is aware of the fact that the role of President in the administration of the country is nominal. Yet all the parties are making a mountain out of a mole. Probably nowadays it has become a habit to make a fuss out of every small thing and political parties can’t be far behind. Time spent on Prez election campaigning by the political parties could have spent instead on discharging public duties.Yet, lets hope that the long time troubleshooter of the Congress makes a mark in his new role and becomes one of the most popular, visible President of the country.

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3 Responses to Shall we tell the President

  1. youbihar says:

    Looks like its now official. Pranab da to be president.

  2. For the life of me, I fail to understand why must we have a President? Are we not foisting a mock-monarchy on the country? And then to have odious characters with dubious pasts represent us?

  3. Shekhar Lele says:

    Yes Umashankar, I agree. We can get rid of this nominal post & save millions of rupees for our country.

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