Good, but not good enough

India’s official entry for Oscars was announced and the honours went to the recently released movie Barfi. The movie has received rave reviews from all over and could well deserve to be selected for Oscars. Yet, the question remains whether it is good enough to beat hundreds of other entries & get us that coveted Oscar, which has always eluded us.

India has struggled to make a mark at the big Os: Oscars & Olympics. We have finally managed to make some mark of a sort at the latter. The former one remains a challenge. Many Indian movies have, in recent times grossed more than 100 crores, but when it comes to comparison with foreign films, they have struggled. This is quite similar to India witnessing huge success in its domestic tournament IPL, creating quite a few ‘stars’ but unable to produce them in sufficient numbers at the international scene, especially in the bowling department…Coming back to the official entry for Oscars, why would it win the award for the best foreign language film in the entire world ? What is the film’s USP ? Great Cinematography ? No… Good portrayal of handicap of dumbness, deafness & autism ? No, there have been better films made highlighting these areas. Good, sweet movie with a feel good factor ? Not enough to be recognised as the best in the business….With only 3 of our films making it to top 5 of the Oscars till date, in all probability this one too will bite the dust. It may end up yet again to be nothing more than andhon mein kaana raja in the shortlist of Indian films considered for the Oscars. Yet again , the talks that lack of Oscar donot degrade the quality of any film will emerge,  but they will only prove nothing more than a consolation for us.

Question is do we really care if we receive Oscars or not, when films like Rowdy Rathore, ETT, bodyguard are able to make tons of money ? Similar question to do we really care to be world T20 champions when IPL is bringing in all the required moolah ? Probably no. Do the producers-directors here have the capacity to make extra-ordinary films ? Probably yes.. I have already highlighted problems with Indian films in my earlier post, Indian films and their problems. I strongly feel India should refrain from sending any entry to the Oscars unless it is a path breaking one. Even considering films like GoW, Ferrari ki sawari, heroine for its official entry for the world’s best film tells us that India is still far away from making world-class films. There is no need of completing any formality by compulsorily sending some film to the Oscars. You cannot really sell a scooter when there are high class bikes to choose from. Without taking any credit away from the beautiful film Barfi , I feel our films just don’t have the firepower & the X-factor to make it to the top, atleast as of now. Our films can change it all, provided our film makers show enough killing instinct & break traditional barriers. Simply having a foreign production house on board wont dramatically change anything. The age-old copy-cat tendency needs to be replaced by strong originality & creativity ( There are a lot of articles coming up, mentioning countless scenes of barfi being copied from here & there). All this dramatic change will take time. Till then, wishing all the best to our official entry for Oscars and also parallely all the best wishes to the Indian team especially with its batsman friendly bowling attack. Hope both make inroads into the respective competition they are part of.

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