The 4 Ps of reaction

The week has seen plethora of news related to the plight of the ‘allegedly’ ‘weaker’ gender.a Almost everyone has thrown his hat in the ring while expressing their individual opinions be it on TV , on social networking sites or physically on the roads leading to the residences of the Almighty of Indian politics. These reactions can be broadly classified into 4 main Ps, a term derived from the marketing class.


The have earned Phd degrees in 4D technology: Dissociate, Divert , Deny, Declare . At first sight , they rubbish off any event, be it an assault or terror attack as just one of the many things and question the motives of the protests against the incident. On seeing the public anger growing beyond control, they somehow try to divert the attention from the root cause of the protests. This time, the top man’s son took the honours from the usual ‘experts in garbage speaking’. He painted a wonderful picture of the government’s attitude and managed to dent and divert the real motive behind the protests to some extent. Politicians then denied that the move to move the victim out of India was not political in nature. After her sad death, both the government and the opposition leaders then demonstrated extreme remorse and as expected announced some cosmetic changes to ‘improve’ the situation. Even a 4 year kid will know that these wont make any structural changes in the system. Unfortunately for us, the government knows that we , harmless Indians cannot do anything more apart from just demanding and hence they really don’t need to do anything great or spectacular. It will be business as usual for them sooner or later.


Less than 1% of the total population actually took to the streets protesting the crime. Rest of us, at maximum used social media to vent our anger and making our own suggestions towards improvement of the system. Due to an unfortunate combination of lack of power and a too busy life to care for other things , we really cannot do anything more than this. But the real  unfortunate part is that the celebrities also did preciously nothing more than candle light marches and posting flowery language tweets. At minimum they can read this and bring about some changes in the films they produce. We all suffer from short term memory loss and unfortunately but most probably the burning torch will lose its fuel and remain at best a dim candle as time passes away.

Programmes on news channels

I have never been an advocate of news channels debates. They neither discuss or deliver anything concrete. Anyone fond of shouting should go to Parliament and not news studios. The very fact that they run day long high voltage programmes on sad events shows that they are really just making hay while the sun is shining bright , at the end of the day. In all probability, they will turn to another star who shines brighter and when this ‘star’ fades away eventually with passage of time. If they really want to bring any change in the system, come together and with the help of real experts propose a draft of systemic changes and publish them in public forum. The best thing that the media can do is to keep the issue burning and not let it slip by amidst some other upcoming meager issues like IPL, bollywood masala news, etc, etc


They are like the school principals; Answerable to all the above Ps and always appear to serve as the ones on whom the buck of (ir)responsibility can be passed to. Although they really cannot be excused for inaction on their part, everyone will agree that they are, to a large extent controlled by the politicians . This explains the amusement on the face of the commissioner of police on talks of he claiming responsibility and resigning in the face of the sad event. It is the government who really has to make laws to ensure enough police protection to the general public. Again, cosmetic changes like having women cops at all stations may not really make a big difference.

Each one of us reacts and responds to such events as per one’s capacity, power and position in society. The need is to really try to do something more than what is primarily defined and set for our roles. This should ideally be started in the top-to-down hierarchy of power and influence, to bring about some concrete changes towards the betterment of the society we live in.

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1 Response to The 4 Ps of reaction

  1. I agree with your comment about the celebrities in the “People” section.
    I read that Amitabh Bachchan donated 2.5 lakh to the family of the cop who died during the protest, but I do not think that he, nor any other famous and/or wealthy person, donated anything to the family of the gang-rape victim.

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