Still not advanced enough

We are living in times where we hear about new innovations in the digital space almost every single day. Amidst these, we hear that the nuclear forces in US are still persisting with computer systems equipped with floppy disk technology, dead decades back !! What a contrast to the advances made by man in digital space and the fact that it is associated with a country like USA adds to the irony. Well, the nuclear forces are not alone, there are many ( may be not as critical as the nuclear systems) which are still stuck up with old problems and systems. These are causing inexplicable hurdles in the customer experience and there seems to be no way out, atleast in the near future.

Rain, rain go away

While good monsoons are extremely critical for the economy, there are a few guys who go into hibernation mode during the rains: The Direct-to-home (DTH) offerings. The appearance of message saying ” Your connection is interrupted due to weather conditions outside. Check connection, try this option, etc all” is a sports fan or a movie geek nightmare. All that one can do is to pray for the rains to have mercy on us and schedule themselves at some other appropriate time, so that our poor DTH service can come out of its hibernation. The point here is that it is a known problem and bound to occur every time for a good 1/3rd of total year. Yet, one is unable to see a real push towards its resolution. With problem visible every DTH operator and cable operators not far behind in this, the end customer is kept wanting for basic services, for which he has already paid for.

Apps lap battery

Mobile phone manufacturers advertise out-of-the world features in their new offerings, covering storage space, camera capacity, other sensors, etc. They also do talk about the “enhanced” battery power. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful the battery is, with hundreds of apps residing and running inside the mobile phone, the poor battery is beaten comprehensively by the power hungriness of these apps. The result, charging of battery is a constant process which for some may run for hours together in a day. The message is clear that merely increasing battery power is not going to solve the problem. A complete overhaul of technology behind the battery design is required. Hope that the battery problem is behind us sooner than later and battery manages to stay in the same lap as the apps.

Wait, I am going underground

On one hand we hear that Nokia wants to undertake tests on 5G along with major telcos. On the other hand, we are still struggling with call issues when we are in the lift, underground locations. etc. While the situation is much better than a couple of years back, still smooth connectivity across data and voice is still not a 100% reality. With digital connectivity necessary for overall development of the nation, these teething issues need to be ironed out fast.

There are still quite a few areas where we need to see a lot of traction in technological advances to weed out the elements causing inconvenience and hindrances in overall customer experience. I am sure, better days are ahead of us, its just a matter of time when we start seeing real changes in these areas, only to be replaced by more demands for an even better user experience and convenience !!



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2 Responses to Still not advanced enough

  1. KUSHAL GUPTA says:

    Laptop Battery and Charging- A lot can be improved in your dear laptop. The charger is just a pain. The battery goes down in a few hours and it hurts to charge it again 🙂 Technology needs to catch up here!

    • Shekhar Lele says:

      Yeah Kushal. It becomes even more painful when you are traveling. To add to the problem, not all laptop chargers are interchangeable and are still manufacturer specific. So all need to carry it along with respective laptops and sharing is restricted.

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